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Baroka Design Agency

From the brand identity to marketing material, & even your existence in the metaverse, we help you shape your brand. we’re designing the future of your business by evolving it into the next-gen of its kind.

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Our Solutions

Baroka is an All-in-One Package Helping Your Business to Get Shapes, Grow, and Thrive

By developing digital strategies & materials fit to your goals we help you to form business bonds that will never be broken.

Delivering a game-changer design is not something that everyone can do. Hopefully, you can count on us to do so & evolve your image.

Creating a successful business is all about resources, whether it’s people or projects. We help you manage them optimally.

Creative, Data-Driven, and Targeted

Digital Marketing

We cover all the stages of your customer journey & equip you with all you need to shine in the digital world like a star.

Your website is the gateway to your world. Leave your website design, development, and launch to us for a grand entrance & a wonderful first impression!

Let us do the magic & enable you to reach a wider audience by creating an exceptional omnichannel user experience on iOS & Android.

Are you looking for a customized platform tailored to your organization’s needs? You’re in the right place. We’ll build an easy-to-use & practical digital platform just for you.

The future is social. You can conquer the world if you know the rules of social media. We know them & we’re willing to use them in your favor & make your business BOOM.

Do you want to give power to your voice in the wide world of the web? Our search engine optimization solution can give you that power & bring your name up to the front line.

Innovative, Modern, and Striking

Design Solutions

When it comes to design, Baroka is the one that gives you the power to stand out. We offer various design solutions aligned to the different milestones of your business.

Visual Art

You engrave your image in the heart & minds of your audiences through your logo, illustrations, & even your flyers. Our skilled artists help you to haunt the focus of your audience forever. 


Engage viewers, envision your plans precisely, & make an everlasting impression with creative animation! We develop a scenario based on your demand & choose the right animation format for you.  

Metaverse Design

We bring your ideas to life by designing & launching them in the next generation of reality: Virtual Reality. We develop immersive, interactive, and 3D metaverse designs for you.

Floor Plan Draw

Are you in demand of a 2D or 3D plan of a floor? Our expert team of architects supervises rendering whatever drawing & sketching you might need no matter if it’s an indoor or outdoor plan.

Human-Centered, Strategic, & Integrated

Organizational Solutions

To build a well-functioning organization & sustain high performance you need to know how to treat your people & how to handle your projects. Our solutions empower you to take control of both.

HR Solutions

Your employees are your most important & foremost valuable assets. Through our fast & unbiased HR solution, we help you to take care of them decently.

Project Management

Our project management solution enables you & your team to collaborate most efficiently, reach your goals, and even go beyond.

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As a Melbourne-based design agency, we’re well-versed with both the local & the global market & know our path around.

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